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  • Christmas Past & Present



    Christmas Past & Present has so many things running through my mind.

    As we get the shop ready for Open House I had my grandson in my arms walking him around the shop. I showed him pictures of his great-great grandpa and his great grandpa wondering what his life would be like; the many times in my life that I have not known what was next...




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  • 2017 Gardenstock Art & Music Festival News!



    Dig in and move that earth. Big things happen when like minds connect. Earlier this year, Nashville band...




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  • Dig In




    Wonder what might be if I'd missed this one


    Ask me what I ate for dinner last night and I’m hard-pressed to answer. Life is busy. Distractions are endless. That little digital box in my pocket keeps my mind from committing to memory just about everything. It’s a helpful little convenience and a curse. Maybe I’m getting old. But I’m guessing a few others might feel the same. It’s a symptom of the times.

    But then there are old memories. Why do those stick? For me, they are few. But the ones that have managed to hang around for this party called my life are powerful. And one of the strongest happened almost a half a century ago.




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  • Peace on Earth and Big Trees




    What do big trees have to do with peace?

    As a kid down at the end of our road was a “big” grove of old maples we called “The Trees”. At least they seemed big to me as a child. It was in those Trees I found a certain quiet creativity when walking through them alone. I would pretend I was going on great hikes into the wilderness. There, I was not so much against the world, but in it. Surrounded in magic.





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  • Lawn and Garden Retailer Merchandiser of the Year




    We're honored to be chosen the

    2016 Merchandiser of the Year

    by Lawn & Garden Retailer magazine






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  • #Gardenstock16 : The Year known as
    photo: Steve Fassler




    14 stuck vehicles and mud-covered kids later,

    Gardenstock16 a.k.a. "Mudstock" raises over 16K for Youth Garden Program.






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