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2014 Container Garden Class and New Online Store!

Monday, 07 April 2014 Written by Bud LeFevre Posted in Classes, Firsts, Create, Connect

2014 Container Garden Class and New Online Store!

New Online Store!


Container Garden Class

April 19


Container Garden Class

Learn basic tips and techniques for making your own beautiful container gardens. Bring a pot and let us help you plant your container right there! We'll keep it safe from frost and when it's time, you can pick it up with a month's growth already underway.

Bring your buddies and make it a morning get together.

Bud will take you around and talk about cool plants for container gardens.  We'll be on hand to help you pick out plants and create your container.

Join us for this perennial favorite for gardeners.

10a, Saturday, April 19.  

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New Online Store

We just launched a new feature we hope you find helpful.  So many of you have indicated you're just so itchy to get out there and garden. Trouble with this time of year is the weather can turn on a dime and if you purchase plants early it becomes a pain to keep them alive and growing until the weather settles down.  

And for us it's stress.  Sure we want to sell plants, but every time they go out the door this time of year we worry for you because it's tough to grow a plant without a greenhouse.

So here we go...  We've been working steadily all winter to take the website to the next level and provide the ability for you to purchase online.  While we're not there 100% we do have one part, a good one, up and running.  Specifically, now you can reserve plants early and we'll hold them in the greenhouse for pick up until May 1st.  We're hoping that will help for those of you who have already been in the greenhouse looking but knew it was too early to take home.

On each plant profile in our plant catalog you will see a line:
Reserve early. Click Link below to buy (in store pick up only)

Right below it is a green link.  That will take you to where you can buy your plant and reserve it. If the plant is not available for reserve it will say 'product not found'. If it is available it will say 'add to cart'.  

We will close out availability for reserve when our inventory drops below 10.  That means even if it shows as unavailable online to reserve you may still be able to get it.  Simply give us a call or stop on out if that's the case.

Just this past week, we rearranged the 2nd and 3rd houses and closed off the 3rd for holding plants.  If you chose to reserve plants we'll have them tagged and in our third greenhouse for you when you come for pick up.  Hope this helps!



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