Bottom line, we couldn't do it without our crew.

  They keep this place running on a daily basis.

  Our team consists of

Jodi LeFevre,

Quin LeFevre,

Jay Pauley,

Cralles Borden III and

Aimee Hoffman.


Jodi holds down the fort in the gift shop and is the greenhouse go-to gal.

  She handles the majority of greenhouse work including transplanting,

various horticultural tasks and maintenance. 

Find her designing at the holidays, making wreaths.



Quin's been working at DG since he was 8 years old.

  Now an adult, he's the backbone of our landscape crew,

and we literally mean ''back'', as in our old backs can't take it any more.

 He's a jack of all trades from greenhouse work

to landscaping, to mowing, to selling Christmas trees.

  It's great to be able to work with family.



Cralles Borden, or "Cra Cra" a.k.a. "Jessup"

came on board in 2015.  He hangs with the

  landscape crew primarily unless we pull

him into the shop, stick a Yoda hat on him

or take advantage of his woodworking skills.  

He's a hoot!



Jay Pauley, or "Jayman" or "Levi" as we like to call him

stepped up to help us with landscaping,

selling and anything else needing done

and we just won't let him go now.

An integral Digger, he keeps us thinking

and smiling and on task.  It's a joy working with friends.



Aimee Hoffman comes to us out of Kishwaukee College

studying horticulture and brings her

knowledge of plants to the retail end of the business.

 Look for her teamed up with Jodi and out there

helping customers find that perfect plant.

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